Earth Skills

Survival Training

Earth skills are the gateway to living with the land and the root of the homestead.  They reconnect us with the natural world, expand our awareness, show us our most basic needs, and are the common thread that binds humanity together.  At some point in history, your ancestors depended on these skills for the daily survival of themselves and the village.  The Sustainable Homestead Institute's Earth Skills series opens the door to living with the land long term with a curriculum developed by seasoned survival experts to shave years off the time it would take you to figure this out on your own.  

Fire Making SkillsLearn the skills of our ancestors and unlock the secrets to enjoying nature's abundance.  These courses examine how to exceed our most basic needs from the landscape and truly become one with the environment.  Survivalists refer to our needs by the rule of three.  Generally, the human body can maintain functioning for three minutes without air, three hours without shelter, three days without water, and thirty days without food.

Delve into natural building, fire creation, water purification, hunting, trapping, fishing, and plants to glimpse the world of the scout.  Found in every ancient culture, scouts were the experts at high speed invisible survival.  Their mastery of these skills allowed them to blend into the landscape, and careful tending of the landscapes they passed through ensured it would be better for generations.

Earth skills are a pillar of the curriculum at the Sustainable Homestead Institute.  It is our belief that you cannot positively affect change without understanding humanity's most basic needs and our common connection to the Earth.  Check out the list of our Survival offerings and secure your group adventure.

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