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Edible and Medicinal Plant Workshop with Special Guests
Follow us through the landscape and learn about the patterns and relationships of plants.  Discuss the approach to safely identify plants, their uses, preparations, and how to harvest.  Enjoy a picnic lunch and seasonal wildcrafted dinner of the classes creation along with produce from the farm.  9am-5pm  $95/person

Survival Elemental 10 Day Workshop
The ten day Survival Elemental class pushes you to examine your native self as you delve further into wilderness survival. You will execute the skills you learned in the Essentials class with added difficulty and challenges designed to prove to yourself that you are a survivor. Learn new skills like basket making, bow and arrow craft, flint knapping, natural building, primitive cooking, and more while you build the equipment you and your group need to thrive.  Please advise us of food allergies and dietary restrictions prior to registration.


Homestead Permaculture 2 Week Design Workshop
Permaculture Design Certification at the Sustainable Homestead Institute with Special Guests.  Learn the design science behind efficient homesteading with special guest speakers.  Bring your own camping gear.  Please advise us of food allergies and dietary restrictions prior to registration.  Cheesmaking, Beekeeping, Market Gardener, Natural Building, Earthworks and Terraces, Forestry and Millwork, Rainwater, Companion planting and more!


Fathers Day Weekend Gathering
The Fathers Day Survival Weekend provides families the opportunity to venture into the outdoors and experience nature together.  Bring your own food, camping equipment, and enjoy outdoor education in a very family friendly atmosphere.  Campground Registration 3pm Friday


Homestead Management Consultant Services

Quick Question
Recorded verbal response to your written questions delivered in a very timely manner.  $50

60 minute Zoom Consultation
Our 90minute zoom or phone consultation is perfect for those looking to purchase land or wanting to maximize the efficiency of their current site. There is so much to truly think about; an experienced guide to walk you through the steps in planning your homestead is invaluable. "If you think the price of education is expensive, try the cost of ignorance.” This one hour call will save you thousands of dollars and countless headaches.
With your map and specific challenges in mind, our consultants can quickly diffuse potential problems you may have and offer design solutions that come from years of experience. We will answer all your questions and take you through our proven development process. We will guide you through location, site assessment, construction, water, resource management, accounting, crop rotation, livestock selection, wells, septic, irrigation, grey water, renewable energy, greenhouse management, food systems, and the stacking of functions to get the most out of any landscape. You can't afford to miss this call.

Design Project
A full design project is an optimization plan of your landscape. From front porch to forest, every ecological design is as nuanced as the goals of its owner. Our team is excited to see how we can apply a toolkit of land management strategies to maximize your return on investment. We will work with you do develop a feasibility plan that integrates with nature so you are confident things are done sustainably, cost effectively, and correctly - the first time. The only way homesteading becomes expensive is if you have to do it twice.  Imagine how it would feel if you spent countless dollars and YEARS of you life only to discover you weren't playing the right game.  A complete design project gives you the road map to follow towards abundance.  $25,000 + travel

In Person Consultations
Often people want us to lay eyes on their land, help them evaluate land for purchasing, or personally discuss their plans without having a full on-site design consultation. We discourage this option as often we do not have the necessary information that we get from the site assessment a design, however this is still a great option for many. $9,997

Design Project Implementation
Coordinate sustainable development contractors to implement our design strategies.  Design Project Consult + (Labor and Equipment Market Rate + 5%)

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