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After over a decade's search into living with the natural world, Scott Vernon founded the non-profit Sustainable Homestead Institute to inspire leaders in sustainable development, ecological land design, and nature reliance education.  His goal was to give students the first hand knowledge of what it takes to create self-enriching abundant agricultural systems through environmental connection and ancestral skill immersion.

Goats are just one of the many animal living on campusThe campus sits on over 140 acres of serene southwest Virginia farmland not far from the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Pasture, forest, orchard, creeks, hideaways, and permacultured gardens dot the rolling hills and showcase integrated systems farming and resource management.  The installations and natural beauty allow students from around the world to better understand our common connection to the Earth.

The Sustainable Homestead Institute is home to goats, cows, chickens, bees, rabbits, and diverse wildlife.  Each year local farmers enjoy access to the over 12,000 plants started from seed in our state of the art teaching greenhouse.  While some of the produce ends up on the plates of students, much more makes its way to local consumers, restaurants, and families in need.

Whether it is an afternoon stroll through the landscape, farm to table dinner, or a several monthlong intensive workshop, we hope to reconnect adults and children with the natural world.


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The Sustainable Homestead Institute

190 Eastridge Road

Ridgeway, VA 24148

(276) 226-9104


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