Produce Available Seasonally
Sustainable Development Innovation
Animal Husbandry Classes
Survival Training
Earth Skills
Environmental Immersion 

With the best survival instructors in the world, learn what it takes to provide for yourself from the environment with nothing more than a knife.



Permaculture Design
Homestead Planning

Learn the tricks to achieve homestead abundance quickly through thoughtful planning, animal integration, and regenerative systems design. 




Visit the Farm

Catch a glimpse at daily life on the farm while enjoying the abundance of integrated systems design.  Be surrounded by wildlife, explore wildcrafted gardens, and reconnect.



Live with the Land
7 Month Intensive

The most intense program we offer is a full immersion into wilderness skills, wildcrafting, permaculture, homesteading, nature awareness, and self reliance. 




The Sustainable Homestead Institute is an educational non-profit that inspires leaders in sustainable development through ecological land design and nature reliance education. Learn what it takes to create self-enriching abundant agricultural systems through environmental connection and ancestral skill immersion.


July 18, 2017 - We are very proud to announce that Hylton's Grill is now serving our premium pasture raised poultry cooked to perfection. Hungry while out and about or looking to cater your special event, it doesn't get better than Hylton's authentic wood-fired taste.

July 3, 2017Coming in the next two weeks, our very first offering of USDA inspected steaks, ground beef, and veal will be available for purchase when you visit the school.

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