Business time and nature time run on two different clocks.  One is marked by hustle, bustle, and ticking, while the other keeps beat with the flowing of streams and the passing of clouds.  Unfortunately, as a society we have so far distanced ourselves from our roots that there are adults who have never gazed on star filled skies or felt the possibilities of the outdoors.  The result is further separation and children who don’t know the abundance nature provides.  At The Sustainable Homestead Institute it is our mission to reconnect people with the roots of themselves and the natural world.

When the seed germinates, it needs constant care and nourishment until its roots become firmly established.  That is why we ask for your support in further spreading the seeds of sustainability.  Even as much as telling your friends and sharing our content makes a huge impact in the numbers that receive this information.  Education is how we build a better world for our children, and the more people that are brought back to the Earth, the better environment we can create.  

Thanks for the supportThere is an atoll in the Pacific where munitions were tested leaving the landscape completely barren.  Nature's succession took root again and vegetation began to flourish.  Eventually the government wanted to understand the effects of fallout and populated the island with monkeys.  The first batch started to die off quickly.  Their deaths were attributed to radiation collecting on the husks of the primary food source, coconuts.  So the scientists trained and released a small group of monkeys to wash their coconuts before consumption.  The monkeys showed the larger population, and slowly the washing of coconuts caught on.  At first a monkey or two joined in.  Then the group got larger and ten monkeys were now washing their coconuts.  The group grew to 25 and more.  When the 100th monkey began washing coconuts, the most peculiar thing happened.  The entire population began washing their coconuts simultaneously.  Living with the land is not the new trend, rather the return to the normal for thousands of years of history.  We believe through education, the 100th monkey may be just around the corner unlocking a more sustainable future for us all.

If you want to show your care for the Earth and commitment to the well being of future generations, please consider supporting the work we do, and invest in a better, more sustainable tomorrow.

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