Full Immersion Intensives

1 Day Survival Ecology Field Trip

Are you a teacher, educator, youth group leader, or home school director looking to experience the outdoors with your class?  Our Survival Ecology Adventure is a one day trip into the woods to learn how the environment can provide for our most basic needs.  In the morning your group will build a survival shelter, learn some plants to eat and some to avoid, create fire from nothing, filter and purify water, animal tracking and trapping, and cordage.  Then after lunch we will venture back to the farm and learn the basics of efficient design and management of a homestead, check out some animals, and see how survival skills are essential to making a farm work.  $35/person  9am - 3pm

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2 Weeks Work About

Live in the homestead and work side by side with our staff to learn the inner workings of the farm, sustainable design, planning, account management, and so much more.  Spaces are very limited.  $1897

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7 Month Intensive

The Intensive program is our most in depth look at living with the land.  This class is open to students who have taken our Survival Essentials class and are ready to delve into the art of primitive skills and homesteading.  Under the guidance and teaching of experienced instructors, you will be living primitively for the duration of your stay, provide for yourself from the homestead, reconnect with nature, design sustainable communities, and so much more.  Please contact us for further information.  March -  September.  $21,997

Call (276) 226-9104 for Wait List


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